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ISSN: 19920849 
Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

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KUJSS 2011 (vol.6) No.1

Title Author Hits
Effect of forest exposure on nutrient balance in oak (Qurecus aegilops) Akram O. Esmail Othman O. Ali Nashat M. Abdulrahman 747
Some results On Fuzzy Symmetric Sets and Fuzzy subgroups Munir A. Al-khafagi * Haval M. Mahamad ** 698
Solving a system of fredholm integral equations of the second kind by using power functions. Talhat I. Hassan 760
On Generalized Contra Continuous Functions and some Relations with other Kinds of Continuity on Intuitionistic Topological Spaces1 Yunis J. Yaseen Ali M. Jasim 594
Rapid Scanning of the Spectral Line Profile With Fabry-Perot Interferometer Saalaar Z. Mohamed 628
Simulation of Gas and Dark Matter in Galaxy Formation Mariwan A. Rasheed* Mudaffer M. Ameen** 743
Synthesis of New Fructo – Nucleoside Analogue Derivatives Mohsin O. Mohammad* Nadia Q. Haj** 710
Employment of Some Organic Dyes as Chemical Converters in Construction and Testing Of a Basin Type Solar Still Neshwan O. Tapabasi* Mahmood A. Al- Abassi Abdul-jabaar N. Khalife** 634
Adherence of local and standard strains of Salmonella to human Uro-epithelial cells Hager A. Shareef 860
Dependence of C-Reactive Protein & Cholesterol As Prognostic Factors for detective of some Heart Diseases in Duhok Malika K. Najeeb Al Barwari Ahmed S. Mirza Al- Barwari 633
A New Globally Convergent Self-Scaling Vm Algorithm for Convex and Nonconvex Optimization Abbas Y. AL-Bayati Basim A. Hassan 741
Semi Regular Lattice Polyhedra Nazaneen Q. Mohammed Qumry H. Hamko Nafya H. Mohammed 679
On Smarandache Semigroups Parween A. Hummadi Pishtewa M. Dashtiy 913
Software Simulation FWM in WDM Optical Communication Systems Sawsan A. Abdul- Majid. 740
The Effect of Different Concentrations & Dates of Spraying Urea and Agrosoil – Plex on the Yield, and Its Physical & Chemical Characteristics in Apricot (Prunus armenica L.) var (Royal) Bahram K. Mohammad 599
Stability Parameters for Yield and its Components in Some Rice Varieties Khalid M. Dawood* Saddam H. Abbas* Flayh A. Jaber** Khather A. Saleem** 811
Effect of Spraying Urea in Yield and Components Properties in Upland Cotton Gossypium Hirsutum Arshad Th. AL-Niaumi Fathel R. AL-Kana Naif S. Saleh 672
The Study Relationship between Levels of Biochemical Criteria in Women with Thyroid Disorders (Increase or Decrease) in the Province of Salah Al-Din Saria N. Mohsin Al-Doury Sina N. MohsinAl-Doury 577
Experimental and Theoretical Study for Pizometric Head Distribution under Hydraulic Structures Cheleng A. Arslan Sahar A.Mohammad 693


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