kirkuk university journal scientific studies

ISSN: 19920849 
Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

This journal is Open Access 

KUJSS 2007 (vol.2) No.3

Title Author Hits
On p  -open sets in topological spaces Nehmat K. Ahmed * and Sami A.Hussein ** 630
The Group Classification of One Class of Nonlinear Wave Equations Esam R.Faiq 663
Global and Suplinear Convergent VM-Algorithms for nonlinear Optimization Abbas Y. Al-Bayati and Maha S. Al-Salih 650
Solving Linear Equations Using Matrix Splitting for Iterative Discrete-Time Methods in Neural Networks Essa I. Essa 693
The Lattice Specific Heat of RENi5 Compounds at Low Temperatures Rafea A.Monef 634
A new automated method for the determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) Ahmed A. Ibrahim 658
Determination of some trace elements Zn,Cu and Fe in the blood serum for patients with thyroid disease in middle and south of Iraq using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Abdul Majeed K.Ahmad , Mostafa .R. Aeyd and Kameran .S.Hussein 551
Heavy Metals Concentrations in Surface Soils of the Haweja Area South Western of Kirkuk, IRAQ Hassan A. Ali 668
Palynofacies Analysis and Hydrocarbon Generation Potential of Dokan and Gulneri Formations (Upper Cretaceous) from selected wells in Northern Iraqi Oil Fields Dler H. Baban and Razawa H. Sarraj 580
The Relationship between Geological Structure and Failure Type in the Rock Slopes of Parts of Anah Monocline, West of Iraq Saad Numan Al-Saadi* Basim Rushdi Hijab* jaafer Hamza Ajjotheri** 554
Study of the effects of some soil properties on the aggregate stability in selected pedons in sulaimany and Kirkuk governarates Dlshad R. Aziz* Ihsan A. Ali* Aisal W. Taha** 513
Different applications effect of Aton ik growth regulator on growth and yield of cotton Nariman S. Ahmad 673
Using selection index technique for improvement of yield and its components in durum wheat Ghaadh. T. Abdulla. 631
Geneticl nlysis of ginning outturn and fiber properties in crosses in hirsutum cotton Khalid M. Dawod and Khalid Kh. Al – Juboori 703
Analysis and design of reinforced concrete walls under the effect of blast loading Saad F. Salih* khaith M. Hassan** Hassan k. Salih *** 682


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