kirkuk university journal scientific studies

ISSN: 19920849 
Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

This journal is Open Access 

KUJSS 2006 (vol.1) No.2

Title Author Hits
The Dynamics of Thin Liquid Film Joseph G. Abdulahad* and Faraidun K. Hama Salh** 688
On The Solution of Certain Fractional Integral Equations Suha N. Al-Rawi 685
Centrally Prime Rings which are Commutative Adil K.Jabbar 643
New CG-Algorithms for the nonquadratic model Abbas Y. Al-Bayati* Sudaba A. Mohamed** Basim A. Hassan* 723
A direct Approximation Method to solve OCP Using Laguerre Functions Abdul Samee A. Al-Janabee , Omar M. Al-Faour and Suha N. Al-Rawi 694
A comparative study for the Determination of aspartame in pharmaceutical preparations by Kinetic Spectrophotometric and Reverse Phase-High Performance Liquid Chromatography methods. Abdul Majeed K.Ahmad , Kameran .S.Hussein and Mostafa .R. Aeyd 666
Determination of Selenium and Vitamin E in Women Breast Milk of Lacting, Commercial and soil by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and HPLC Respectively Kameran Sh.Hussein 630
Is surface membrane acid phosphatase an essential requirement for the survival of Leishmania in macrophages ? Husain F. Hassan 632
Bicyclina ( FORAM ), a new peneroplid genus from Late Cenomanian in Iraq Qahtan A. Mohammed 722
Genesis of Chromitite in Qalander Area, Northern Iraq Employing Cr-Rich Spinel Sabah A. Ismail* and Sawsan A. Al-Chalabi** 833
The indications of surgical management of asymptomatic unilateral unilocular ovarian cysts in non-menopausal women Email N. Azzo and Khalida M. Ameen 567
Genetic Variability And Heterosis On Ginning Outturn And Fiber Characteristics In Cotton Kalid M. Dawod* Kalid KH. Al – Juboori** 733
The fastest algorithm for analyzing robust principal components with application on variables affecting the increase of aluminum level in blood Abstract Khlod Y.Khmo and Dhafer H.Rashid 554
Using of Statistical Discriminate Methods for the Diagnosis of Some Heart Diseases Anwaar Dhia'a Abdul-Kareem 692
A Study of the Active Using of the Solar Energy by Using a Porous Media of Kirkuk city Saad.M. Al-Mashat* Omar.K. Ahmad** Ahmed.H. Ahmed** 722


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